The following prices are BASE PRICES! Since each commission is customized to meet each individual customer's needs and desires, your price quote may differ from the prices listed based on detail and complexity, as well as any specific requests or additions to the standard commission process. Please treat the prices as a rough guide, not gospel. To commission me, send me an email at farore.nightclaw[at] with what you'd like and any deadlines or special requirements you may have, and I will reply ASAP to work out a price with you.

Other options include:

Timed Commissions

Artistic freedom commissions completed on a timer. Typically streamed, privately or publicly.
$1 per minute
$45 minium for two or more characters

Badges & Traditional Media

Available on a limted basis, TBA by FurAffinity journal and Mailing List.

Art Classes

One hour privately streamed classes covering a variety of subjects based on customer's needs.
1 class: $50
5 class pack: $150

Once again, you may find my Terms of Service here.